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Autism is a spectrum of closely related disorders or symptoms that present in various ways, unique to every person. To someone lacking person experience, it may be hard to recognize or understand an individual with autism since it primarily affects someone with neurological or behavioral indicators versus physical ones. Familiarizing yourself with autism symptoms will better prepare someone for interactions with an ever growing population.
Autism has become startlingly prevalent in our world today. One in 68 U.S. children will be diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, which is a 30% increase when compared to data gathered in the last decade. It is a social necessity to educate children and adults alike so that we may approach our future with knowledge and kindness.

Now there is a way to explain autism to any audience!

Only Cats Purr is a book that offers simple analogies and colorful illustrations to create a familiar and comfortable narrative for all.
It draws a correlation to the differences between cats and dogs and the differences between autistic and typical children.
Engaging dialogue guides the reader or “dog” through their relationship with the "cat" or autistic child in their life.
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