The holidays are finally upon us! It's important to remember that the cats in our lives may not respond to the bright lights, music and people the same way the rest of us do! Maybe there are friends or family in your cat's life that need some help understanding the intricacies of autism! Buy your copy of Only Cats Purr to help with an easy explanation and loving reminder that different isn't bad! It's an adventure to love someone who is different then you!


Are you prepared to spread awareness regarding this special topic in an educational and fun, but respectful manner?

Are you ready to help your family and friends understand something that affects your life and family on a daily basis?

Are you looking for a way to explain why a relative or family friend may act a little bit different to your children?


Are you in need of a tool that creates a compassionate dialogue with fun analogies and relatable material for your classroom?

This book is perfect for explaining autism to all ages! With fun analogies and colorful pictures, Only Cats Purr, takes the subject of autism and makes it easier to understand.

It is only natural that children have questions or wonder why someone in their lives may act differently then they do. Instead of shushing them or ignoring their sometimes awkward curiosity, take the time to address what is happening and how they are feeling.

By ignoring the questions, we create an attitude that the child acting different should also be ignored. Or that someone who acts differently should be treated differently. As adults, when we don't understand something, it's uncomfortable! It isn't fun to not have the answers or be faced with something out of our comfort zone. Why would we want our children to feel this way on a topic that is affluent in our world today?

A lack of understanding can also lead to bullying. By creating empathy and compassion in our children today, we ensure that the lives of those affected by autism will be easier tomorrow.

Only Cats Purr provides an opportunity for parents and teachers alike to teach our children that different isn't bad. It is easy to love someone who is the same as us. It is an adventure to love someone who is different.

Buy today on! Have it in time for April, Autism Awareness month and April 2nd, World Autism Awareness Day!

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My special needs kitty is sick...we've had some long nights trying waiting to find out what is wrong. Carefully keeping him hydrated every hour....just a little bit... I'm so sick that I can barely sit upright but I'm desperate to keep this little guy going. I'm praying this is one of those pictures I can look back on while sitting next to this healthy cat and say "Thank you God for seeing me thru that storm and keeping Timone safe for Grady."

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What do you do when after a stressful week of watching mom in pain, Grady suddenly decides the best thing in the world is to make a pile fort and watch rescue rangers? You take a picture. Because that dear friends, is proof that treasure on earth exists.

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Buy Only Cats Purr: The Book that explains autism to ANYONE at!

Only Cats Purr offers simple analogies and colorful illustrations to help explain autism to any audience. It draws a correlation to the differences between cats and dogs and the differences between autistic and typical children.

This book helps to bridge the divide between an autistic child being different and an autistic child being accepted for who they are. Children and adults alike will enjoy the e...ngaging dialogue as they decide what kind of dog they are and how this relates to the "cat" or autistic child in their life. It suggests using their differences as clues and dialing into their super power of empathy to befriend and reach a child with autism. This book would be a useful tool in classrooms and at home to provide a new perspective in the special needs community.

In the back of the book is a helpful list of the corresponding cat characteristics that draw a parallel to autistic indicators included in the book. This glossary can help an adult further understand and better explain any other questions a child or student might have regarding autism.

The title, "Only Cats Purr", is a special reminder that while autistic children may be different, they have special qualities that are unique only to them, much like a cat being able to purr!

Ultimately this book offers an explanation to autism that helps make social situations and friendships easier for everyone affected by this special need. Being different isn't bad. It can be easy to love someone who is the same as you. It is an adventure to love someone who is different.

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